The Nest Builder Newsletter is written to provide our clients with recent information about financial issues that might impact their investments. Newsletters are distributed quarterly.

2017 Newsletters

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First Quarter 2017:           Nest Builder Newsletter 20171Q

Second Quarter 2017:      Nest Builder Newsletter 20172Q

Third Quarter 2017:         Nest Builder Newsletter 20173Q

See our Nest Builder Newsletter 20161Q for topics including:

  • Social Security and market updates
  • Cost of being disorganized
  • Data breaches affecting children
  • Estate planning considerations

The final newsletter of 2015 includes:

  • How to compare local hospital charges for common in-patient procedures.
  • Considering taking a 401(k) loan?  Be aware of the downside of “paying interest to yourself”.
  • Will you live to 100?  One estimate is that 1 out of 26 boomers will…will your money last as long as you do?

Third quarter is often when college grads are looking for jobs – and trying to figure out how to pay a mountain of student loans.  See our Nest Builder Newsletter 20153Q newsletter for new options for lower-rate loans – but beware of the limitations before deciding if they are right for you or your graduate.

Our 2nd quarter 2015 newsletter includes information about protecting your house and mortgage fraud, the fastest growing white-collar crime.  Log in to the Lake County Illinois Recorder’s web site to register to be notified when there are inquiries or transactions related to your property.

The Nest Builder Newsletter 20151Q talks about the January surprise, credit scores and loans, limitations on IRA rollovers, and an example of how Minimum Required Distributions work.

Our 4th quarter newsletter Nest Builder Newsletter 20144Q has information about more baby boomers having mortgages when they retire; interest rates and laddered bonds; and some good personal finance books.

The 3rd quarter 2014 newsletter contains information about risk and reward; Social Security benefits; a new tax benefit for super 401(k) savers; and some surprising circumstances that may affect college aid opportunities.

The Nest Builder Newsletter 20142Q talks about the unique College of the Ozarks where students work instead of paying tuition and graduate debt-free; thoughts about planning for retiree medical expenses; and 10 habits leading to greater wealth.

The 4th quarter Nest Builder Newsletter 20134Q newsletter discusses pensions, the new 39.6% tax rate, retirement concerns and the 2013 market performance.

In the third newsletter Nest Builder Newsletter 20133Qof the year, we talk about annuities, the Affordable Care Act and how eating out eats away at your other financial goals.

The 2nd quarter 2nd quarter newsletter Nest Builder Newsletter 20132Q includes items about gold, bonds, interest rates, the gift tax exclusion and, with summer finally here, ice cream.

The first newsletter of 2013 Nest Builder Newsletter 20131Q contains a variety of topics including trusts, the Fiscal Cliff, more ways to get a fair deal on a new car, and, if you have over- or under-paid your income taxes by a substantial amount you might want to recalculate your withholding with this online tool.

Our final 2012 newsletter Nest Builder Newsletter 4Q2012 has some tips for Boomer parents wanting to guide their Gen-X and Y’ers to starting a serious savings program. It describes the principles of wealth building, compound returns and more.

Our 3rd quarter 2012 Nest Builder Newsletter 3Q2012 newsletter focuses on taxes – the elections are coming right up, so what better time to take a visual look at our very complex tax system, from sales tax that virtually all of us pay to estate tax which very few people pay.

The 2nd quarter 2012 Nest Builder Newsletter 2Q2012newsletter has some thoughts on developing a tax strategy, annuities, cooking(!) and college savings.

The first 2012 newsletter Nest Builder Newsletter 1Q2012 has some suggestions for how to find higher interest rates, exploiting your credit card rewards programs and more.

Our 4th quarter 2011 newsletter Nest Builder Newsletter 4Q2011 includes information about year-end tax moves, charitable donations and thoughts about paying off a mortgage with available cash.

The 3rd quarter newsletter Nest Builder Newsletter 3Q2011 has a discussion about what is happening with the economy, tips for safeguarding your freezer during this season of power outages, and a link to the “best bargains of 2011”.

In our 2nd quarter 2011 newsletter, Nest Builder Newsletter 2Q2011 NB we covered discount rates on 5-star lodging, whether empty-nesters saved more after their children left home and the programs (and savings) that your library may have to offer. You are paying for the music, movies and books they have by means of property taxes; why not borrow them instead of paying a second time to own them?

The 1st quarter 2011 newsletter Nest Builder Newsletter 1Q11 NB shows average household income and expenses based on 2009 census data. While we’re looking at expenses, click on the Consumers Report link to find the best time of year to purchase various items. January is well known for white or linen sales, but August is a good time to air conditioners. There is also information about discounts at restaurants, and a section about estate planning.

The 4th Quarter 2010 Newsletter Nest Builder Newsletter 4Q10 NB includes topics about annuities and a link to an article with questions to ask prior to purchasing an annuity, maximizing FDIC-insured deposit limits, coupons and “groupons”, and long-term care issues.

Our 3rd Quarter 2010 Newsletter Nest Builder Newsletter 3Q10 NB contains information about cutting college costs by completing the program in 3 years and renting text books instead of buying. There are also strategies for waiting out the housing slump.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. email Mary at or call (847) 855-4483.

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